The Carlsbad Convention & Visitors Bureau and Information Center Serves as the City’s Hospitality Epicenter

By Frankie Laney
Jun 01, 2006

As another successful Flower Fields’ season comes to an end, the city of Carlsbad gears up for another season of sorts – the tourist season. 
This is a time of year when many residents shy away from some of the best spots in town.  Our beaches are filled with the sounds of happy families enjoying the beach experience, our restaurants are happily serving up delicious meals to the masses and the hotels enjoy an occupancy rate that is envied by many destinations. As for our highways and streets…well, let’s just say “pack a bottle of water and a jug full of patience and be thankful that Carlsbad is such a desirable destination and a great place to live.”
The Carlsbad Convention & Visitors Bureau is preparing for the annual influx of visitors with a full staff of Hospitality Ambassadors and a small cadre of Beach Chair Ambassadors at the ready.  These volunteers play a major role in the successful operation of Carlsbad’s Visitor Information Center by providing suggestions for special events and attractions, shopping, recommendations for dining and lodging as well as regional points of interest.  Each volunteer gives a personal touch that helps to define the distinct personality of our city.  One friendly person can make a difference in a visitor's stay and the consistent feedback is that the hospitality and friendliness of the people of is one of the best things about our city. 

The Visitor Information Center operates out of the Historic Santa Fe Depot, which is a unique attraction to many visitors in itself.  The Center is an indispensable resource for brochures, maps, special events and other unique activities. These resources are available to residents as well and should be the first recommendation to those out-of- town house guests asking, “What’s there to do in Carlsbad?” 
A colorful sign, strategically placed on the sidewalk and visible from the street, points the way to the Center’s entrance at 400 Carlsbad Village Drive.  The Center is open 360 days a year and staff is also available to answer inquiries. The number to call for more information is (760) 434-6093 or you may send an e-mail to
Carlsbad’s Beach Chair Ambassadors play an important role by providing a condensed version of the information found at the Center in a portable venue.  These seasonal volunteers are outfitted with umbrellas, beach chairs and colorful tee shirts, which designate them as a source for Carlsbad information. Going out in groups of two, the smiling faces of our Beach Chair Ambassadors are sure to catch the attention of visitors in need of assistance. 
For the year 2005-06, the volunteer staff at the Center has welcomed almost 10,000 visitors, logged 2,397 volunteer hours, 5,553 telephone and e-mail inquiries, 1,563 lodging inquiries and 1,786 merchant referrals.   These generous volunteers also played a major part in getting out some 14,000 visitor guides to people who had requested information on Carlsbad. 
The Carlsbad CVB encourages local businesses to utilize the resources found at the Visitor Information Center and to keep the contact information for the Center readily available to their employees.  This is a convenient way for those on the front line to provide outstanding customer service.  An up-to-date Calendar of Events is also available online at

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